Sport Luxe

 I cannot believe I'm wearing shorts with no tights in March.  March!!  I decided to wear something casual and comfortable on this ocassion as I was just lounging around in halls for the day.  I was close to pairing my t-shirt with my pleated leather skirt but I decided aginst it as shorts are easier to wear when you're sitting on the grass.  I think I need to buy more shorts actually... I'm getting very bored of my selection, and I feel all my shorts are very 'beachy'.
This top is just a man's t-shirt, by the way, that I customised myself a while ago, when we had to experiment with different sewing machines in the workshop.  It's really badly done, I know, and ideally I would've actually inserted the leather panels so you couldn't see the seam lines, but I didn't really have time to do that so I just settled.  I was going for the 'sport luxe' look that's been going around for a while, and I think this t-shirt would go pretty well with some thin, cotton joggers & heels if I did ever decide to go for that look.  I hope I don't offend anybody with my appauling sewing skills.  The effect is there though, and I suppose that's the main thing!

T-shirt: Tesco (self-customised)
Shorts & Shoes: Topshop


  1. So simple but pretty!

  2. Anonymous25/3/12 20:39

    love the top!

  3. Great pictures!! I love it!!

  4. Nice outfit! Simple yet eye-catching.

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  5. Beautiful!
    I love your blog!!!!


  6. Thank you so much! :) xx

  7. you look amazing in your casual outfits. so effortlessly chic, and love your hair. :) enjoyed browsing, and just followed you both on bloglovin and google. would love to connect with you on both! cheers! :)
    enjoy your day!


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