Some Like It Hot

The Countdown Begins...
So I'm back from my trip home, and I've only got 10 days left of my 1st year at uni!  The year has flown by, but I couldn't be any more ready for summer!  I'll have 5 months to kill before starting uni again in September, but so far in my agenda I'll be going to Italy, Mexico, visiting uni friends around Scotland, Fringe Festival, reading, blogging, and regaining a lovely heavy tan in between.
This is an outfit I wore to uni today.  It's nothing special but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.  I bought this amazing top from H&M the other day and I was going to wear it today but there was no point as I only had one lecture on....  Anyway, that will come in another post.  Hope you guys had a lovely day, and do let me know if you've got plans for summer already!

Top: Saks Fifth Avenue
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Pumps: Jaeger
Watch: Omega
Necklace: Armstrongs, Edinburgh


  1. Love your skirt, is so gorgeous and you're going to travel to so many places! I bet you'll have a great time :)


  2. Thanks! I'll definitely be blogging about my travels this summer so keep a look out for that :) xx

  3. Anonymous24/3/12 20:19

    You look so much like my cousin valerie on these photos! Stunning! Loving the skirt!




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