Wigs, Hair & Make-up

For the last installment of our styling project we had to come up with 3 different hair and make-up looks, one of which had to include a wig.  I have to admit, the photograph which includes the wig is probably my least favourite...
They were all to be head shots and the attention drawn on the individual looks, as opposed to the clothing.  We also had to take a head shot of our model with no make up and hair not done (bad english - you get me though).  Anyway, I'm freaking out because I'm shooting a fashion film this weekend as part of our Moving Image module, which I'm hoping will be done and edited by the end of next week, have tonnes of research to do for sketchbook work and 2 photoshoots to organise and print... all within the space of 3 weeks...  I can do it...



Hamish wears American Apparel knitted jumper

This is what I came up with for our Styling shoot.  I would say my inspiration stemmed from Frida Kahlo, Tim Walker and my general obssession with flowers at the moment.  I thought it would be nice to style a male for a change so Hamish kindly agreed to be my model for this shoot.  Hope you like it!


Minimal Styling

Zoe wears OC X TOPSHOP crop top and pants

It's safe to say my blog has been neglected for the past month - sorry about that!  Work has been super intense since I've been back from London and I literally haven't found enough time in the day to make time for blogging.  But now that we're just over half-way through this semester, I felt it was necessary to show you what I've been doing instead of blogging.  Above are a few pictures from my Fashion Photography portfolio.  The aim of this shoot was to style my model, Zoe, in a minimalistic way.  I could interpret it in any way I wanted to and this is what I came up with.  There are also 2 other photoshoots required for this portfolio, but I'll show you them throughout this week.  This was my first time using a photography studio & lighting so I'd love to know your thoughts on this!


LFW: Day 5

You'll be glad to hear that this is the last installment of my LFW street style diary.  Sorry it's dragged on for a bit, but I hope you enjoyed it!  I'm now catching up with uni work so I may not blog for a few days but with good reason.  Also, I don't think I have a picture of what I was wearing on Tuesday but I will wear it again at some point and show you.  Until then...


LFW: Day 4

I hardly have any pictures for day 4 of LFW, sorry!  I was working pretty much all day so I only managed to get a couple of pictures.  No outfit photo either because I was wearing all black, and generally didn't look very interesting.  More tomorrow!


LFW: Day 3

I'm wearing a Topshop dress, H&M jumper and necklace, Primark flatforms and Biba bag.


LFW: Day 2

I'm wearing ASOS shirt, H&M jumper, silver jewellery, Omega watch, McQ shorts & bag and Primark flats.

LFW: Day 1

Okay, so there is no easy way to do this other than break this up into 5 posts.  Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever but I haven't had internet since moving back to uni, and I didn't have access to it when I was in London either!  Trust me, this has pained me.
So these next few posts are going to follow the same structure: what I wore, followed by streetstyle snaps I took at LFW.  I might do a 'London in pictures' style post at the end of this mini series just to round it off.
I just got back from London yesterday, which means I have returned to reality.  With 1000 pictures to view and edit, 4 new uni projects, and life to attend to, I'm beginning to realise I shouldn't be blogging right now...  Anyway, I'm wearing a Carin Webster dress, H&M skirt and earrings, Zara waistcoat, McQ bag, and scaffy Primark shoes (because I was looking after my poor feet).