Paramore & Biffy Clyro

I know that I haven't done a post since Halloween; but school has just been hectic these past few weeks! And even though my blog survives on a mere 15 followers, I still feel the need to apologise...
ANYWAY, so I went to see Paramore Saturday 20th November. One word: Amazing! Hayley Williams is just as much a babe in real life as she is on tv. Oh yeah, and the band played well. Nah, seriously though, it was really good and I would definitely go see them again! They had firework-like things shooting up, confetti flying around, the crowd was jumping, & Hayley chose one lucky motherf*cker to join her on stage during their encore. Brilliant.

Biffy Clyro
These badboys did not let down! I really liked them before, and I LOVE them now!  They really know how to put on a show and move the crowd. Biffy Clyro also had countless gimmicks, probably more so than Paramore... but the show was great; and for the quality of the show, the tickets were not badly priced! The mosh pit was just a bit overhwelming, but I think I felt more chlostrophobic during Paramore still... All in all, they were fantastic and if they ever perform at a place near you, I would need not hesitate about purchasing some tickets. Oh yeah, & The Futureheads supported, which was a definite bonus.


The Monster's Ball

Trick or Treat
I think it is safe to say that I don't always keep to my promises when it comes to blogging! Sorry I haven't posted any pictures of my new buys lately but I honestly haven't had the time. SO whilst that's still to be seen to, I thought I might as well shows you guys some photos from a Halloween Party I went to last night.
As for my costume, I was labelled as "cake" when I got nominated for Best Costume, but really I was just an inspired version of a candy girl from Katy Perry's video, California Girls.

 close up of my fake cupcake :)
 don't mind the scaffy nail varnish...
 the back of the dress
 the front of it... :)
and a really posy picture of me to finish off, haha.

Have a good weekend guys and Happy Halloween :)


Westwood Wellies

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, this past week has been kind of manic for me! But anyway, let's get to it! Right, so in the past week I have bought a few items, and I will show you the first of the 3 in this post. It's the Vivienne Westwood + Melissa "Bow Booties"! I bought them at a local boutique in my area and I love them!From what I've seen, prices start £90 upwards, but I managed to get them for £80 from the shop as I sort of know the owners (not much of a discount, but it's something!). Also because I had bought the heels fom them previously sooo :)
Anyway, enough blabbing.. here are some brief pictures!

The other purchases will be up soon! :)


A Very Special Gift

Last weekend was the September long weekend and, to be honest, I didn't do much asides from the usual.  However, I did do a couple of things.  On Friday night I went to visit and spend a quite night in with my boyfriend.  Little did I know he had a belated birthday present waiting for me in his house.... and such an amazing gift as well! I was in genuine disbelief when I saw the wrapping entitled..................... "Alexander McQueen"!!!  He ended up getting me the silk chiffon Alexander Mcqueen skull scarf...aaaah!  I am so grateful to my boyfriend for being incredibly generous and generally amazing! My life is complete.

Thank you again Lixi!!!! :D

On the Monday night I got a chance to wear it in public for the first time as I went to a dinner with a couple of close friends :) We went to a Korean/Japanese restaurant near town and ate very very well.. mmmm :) I will leave you with a coupe of pictures of my outfit (not terribly exciting) and then some photos of what we ate at the restaurant :) Ciao!

Wearing New Look top, Topshop jeggings, H&M wedges, Alexander McQueen chiffon scarf


Happy Birthday to mee!

Just having some cosmos ;)

It's my birthday today so to celebrate I went out for dinner and some drinks with the girls last night and spent today with the boyf.  Here are some photos of presents i recieved and just general new things I haven't showed you yet! Enjoy!

Miss Sixty Cowboy boots I got whilst in Milan.
Alexander McQueen keyring I got from my dad a couple of months ago (aaaah!LOVE.)
H&M wedges I got whilst in Florence
Vivienne Westwood + Melissa shoes as a gift from parents
Prada purse as a gift from my lovely mother
new glasses I got last week :)


Italy, part III

Florence, Italy

Florence was by far my favourite city of the whole trip! I think it's underrated; It's amazing.  I would definitely go again.  The shopping, the architecture, the history and of course: the artwork!  Expect to see a lot of Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana wherever you go!  So before even thinking about going to Italy for shopping, make sure you have lots o fmoney saved up because nothing comes cheap.
Here are some highligths of our 2 day trip to Florence.

H&M top, Topshop skirt, boutique handbag, and pearl earrings.
Wearing a St Martin shirt, with a Topshop skirt, boutique bag and TagHeur watch.