Westwood Wellies

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, this past week has been kind of manic for me! But anyway, let's get to it! Right, so in the past week I have bought a few items, and I will show you the first of the 3 in this post. It's the Vivienne Westwood + Melissa "Bow Booties"! I bought them at a local boutique in my area and I love them!From what I've seen, prices start £90 upwards, but I managed to get them for £80 from the shop as I sort of know the owners (not much of a discount, but it's something!). Also because I had bought the heels fom them previously sooo :)
Anyway, enough blabbing.. here are some brief pictures!

The other purchases will be up soon! :)


  1. - Good choise about the shoes
    i love that <3.

  2. J'en veux aussi !


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