The Weekend

Hey Guyss, (whoever I'm talking to)! just a quick update on my life.
I've been a busy bee this weekend. I had to do quite a few things for my art folio and english, which drained the life out of me. But anyway, I took a picture of one outfit I wore.  It's pretty bland but I was just going to Alexandros' house so.... here it is:

I also took a few photos for my "solution" sheet for my art folio.  So this is my finished hat:

And finally, here are some pictures that I find amusing.  This was the state of my hair after the photoshoot last week:

I know they're very small. whatevz.

Now, I must admit, my exams are coming up so I have to start revising.  So in advance I'm gonna tell you: don't expect much blogging at all from me between now and June 4th.  Sorry!  Not that I imagine this is of great disappointment to anybody in paritcular, seeing as I remain with 5 followers. But I just thought I'd put it out there.  Ciaooo for now x


As Promised...

Well, turned out I couldn't upload anything quicker than now as i've been very busy finishing off my design element for my art folio.... I think it's looking alright... I'm hoping for an overall B anyway...

You probably think it's dreadful or crazy but nevermind, it's meant to be [crazy; not dreadful]....

I went into town today anyway, and thought I would post the outfit i was wearing:

and there ya go (:

top, shorts, pumps, blazer: Topshop
waist thing: DKNY