Is Summer here?

The sun's been out for quite a few days now.  To the point where I've been waking up thinking, "Is summer really here?".  Now, when you live in Scotland, you learn to appreciate the sun that little bit more than others.  Quite frankly, it's so bad that the inhabitants of this country prance around in tank tops and shorts the minute the temperature hits a pathetic 15C.

But when you live in a country where it rains, snows, hails and the sun shines all in the same day, it's hard not to celebrate when the sun peeks from the clouds.

I mean, I've got to the point where all I'm wearing is a cardigan to go out!  Sometimes, not even anything!

...Wait, that is sounding oh so very wrong.  I do not go out in the nude; let's just clarify that right now.  Obviously, I'm speaking of jackets and such.

Ah, so anyway, just thought I'd give you little update on this weather we're having.  And a little outfit I wore the other day when picking up my sister from school...

Yes, I am living the life.

It's nothing exciting...

Top:  New Look
Cardigan, Leggings & Shoes: Topshop


Study Leave...

The end of another long and boring day.  I have been keeping myself busy by doing chores, picking up my sister from school, looking after her... and revising.  This routine has been on a loop since the start of my study leave...

So... I'm just going to post some pictures at the moment to keep you entertained. Enjoy (: x

First of all, I wanted to share my my design sheets for my art folio :)