Nails of the Week

I had heard so many great things about O.P.I's latest wonder, Shatter, on various vlogs and blogs these past few weeks.  So many, in fact, that I was actually willing to pay the full £10.50 that it retails at.  If you haven't already realised, I don't usually like spending more than about £5 on nail varnish because I have so many colours that I only get to use a colour about 10 times before they go gloopy with age.  I'm normally a fan of Barry M nail varnish because they come in practically every shade of the colour spectrum and beyond... but as I approached the nailcare section at John Lewis, I knew I wanted O.P.I's Shatter.
And wasn't I dissapointed.  No, it wasn't rubbish; it was sold out.  So I have yet to try it.... There I was, in the middle of John Lewis: my face drooping, my feet dragging, and a raincloud directly above my being, spitting imaginary water on my soul.
Luckily, Wonder Woman came to the rescue and told me Barry M does an similar replica of Shatter, called Nail Effects.  She should get a promotion for outstanding customer service - just sayin'.  And it got better, as I was ready to leave for Superdrug, I found (and bought) the Katy Perry x O.P.I  nail varnish!  YAY!  It comes with 4 different mini nail colours, all named after songs from her album, Teenage Dreams.
SO, below are photos of my nails (and the nail varnish) after painting them with O.P.I's The One That Got Away and Barry M's Nail Effects.  I would recommend both!

The Katy Perry x O.P.I collection is only £12 for a pack of 4 mini nail lacquers, so great value for money I think!  This is the first colour I've tried from the pack and already it's my favourite; the colour is an intense electric pink with a beautiful sparkly undertone.

Barry M's Nail Effects is £3.50 I think... or £3.99.  Either way, it's very cheap, and even though it's not as good as O.P.I's Shatter, you still get a good effect.  Watch though, it dries in the blink of an eye so don't layer it or it won't shatter; you just need about 3 brush strokes per nail.  And remember to add a top coat, otherwise the black will look grey (and really dull) on your nails.

P.S In case you're wondering, I did buy all of the above with my own money.  I haven't been sponsored or anything.  Obviously.  I'm not exactly a Blogging phenom.  Wouldn't be the greatest marketing move...



Outfit of the Day
Just thought I'd post some photos of what I was wearing yesterday seeing as I'm wearing a couple of new things from my little shopping spree.  Lately, I've been loving all these moody colours, like khakis and browns; they're perfect for the weather we're currently having (and they're nice subtle colours as well).  To be honest, I did buy a lot of clothes based around these colours when I went shopping... but obviously it's to be worn in moderation.
Just to let you know, the jumper and the harems are the new items here, but it is the first time I wear that t-shirt as well so I guess you could count that as new too... And I should probably warn you now that my clothes are pretty much always from Topshop... I have an unhealthy addiction.

Top, Jumper, Jacket, Harems, Earrings: Topshop
Boots: Kurt Geiger
Watch: Tag Heuer
Diamond Necklace: Gift from the boyf :)

Ps. Have you heard the new Gaga song? I loveeeee it! Stay tuned as I'll be reviewing it as soon as the video comes out!


In Loving Memory of...

Lee Alexander Mcqueen

A year has passed since the death of his mother. It was a month filled with mourning, loss, and sadness - a day to be never forgotten by the world of fashion. Believe it or not, it has been a whole year since the world was left shocked by the death of renowned British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.
An icon. An idol. An inspiration.
A man with no boundaries. No matter how many years pass, it is safe to say Mcqueen left his mark in the fashion industry. His presence remains in fashion - still in the hearts of many. His legacy lives on. And he will never be forgotten.


Good Mood
Well I finally finished my exams (for the moment) and I can assure you I am well and truly exhausted!  I am sort of relaxing for the time being as I still have another week of rest.  It's definitely the perfect excuse to hang out with my friends and spend some time the boyf :) As I finished my exams on Monday, I thought a trip to the cinema was just what I needed!
It's been really cold lately, and pretty dull... so I wanted to be nice and cosy before I stepped outside.  I recently treated myself to some much needed retail therapy, seeing as all I've been doing the past month is school, work, and other projects.
I also painted my nails last week, with Barry M nail polish, as I haven't painted them in so long (and I saw a similar monotone effect on the SS11 catwalk which I wanted to copy).
I have a couple of things coming up this next week so I'll make sure to keep you posted.  For now, here's my outfit post:

Jumper, Skinny Jeans, Necklace: Topshop
Boots: Miss Sixty
Nail Varnish: Barry M's Clear no 54, Black no 47, Mushroom no 310



Lately I've been very busy with a variety of different things... (as usual - me and my crazy lifestyle)! As you all may know, it is exam time, and the deadline for University applications was mid January so I've been focusing on that for the main part.  I recently got an acknowledgment for a University here in Scotland, along with an invitation to send my portfolio - with only 2 weeks notice (eeeek)!  The deadline for that was a couple of weeks ago so I managed to hand it in on time, and am now eagerly awaiting a response...
I applied for a Fashion course at this Uni, and as part of my portfolio I was asked to submit some commercial photography. Now, let me tell you, the only times I've attempted "commericial photography" it has been with a friend, and for fun purposes  only, therefore none of the photos I had looked anywhere near professional. So, I decided to conduct an ammature shoot with a friend of mine who kindly volunteered to be my model. Personally, I'm pleased with the outcome, and hopefully the University will consider my efforts...!
Anyway, here are the selected and edited photos below. Hope you like!

"Colour Pop"
"60's Class"

Photography, Make-up, Hair, Styling, Edition: Tatiana Aldana
Model: Annie Devlin

Tell me what you think!