Fairtrade Fortnight

SO it was this time last year when me and a few friends launched the Fairtrade Fashion Show, in celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight.  I'm not going to sit here a lie, it was a great success - with us alone raising over £300 for Fairtrade.
I remain oblivious as to why our group got "chucked out" after we put in such tremendous effort (& raised the most money out of all 3 groups, might I add).  I say "chucked out" because that's the way I see it; only one group within our Fairtrade Committee got commendation, and thus, got to carry on the Committee.
It saddens me a little, I must admit.  But regardless, in my mind, our group's success will always win over anything that the new Fairtrade Committee throw.  However, as bitter as I may come accross, looking back on the weeks of work, it all paid off in the end.  And anyway, my competitive side musn't overcome my point.
Fairtrade Fornight has now finished for this year, but that is not to say that we should not support this cause.  Raising money and donating it goes to those hard worker's in third-world countries who work hours and hours non-stop, and don't get paid their fair share.  And don't sit there thinking these workers are over 16, because many are not.  There are many places where children has been forced to work in factories by their parents in order to collect enough money between them, simply to pay for a meal.
This year I may not been part of another fashion show to raise awareness, but I have been buying little things like chocolate bars, to make a big difference.  It's that simple.  You too can do a noble deed today; put a grin on their face.