Happy Birthday to mee!

Just having some cosmos ;)

It's my birthday today so to celebrate I went out for dinner and some drinks with the girls last night and spent today with the boyf.  Here are some photos of presents i recieved and just general new things I haven't showed you yet! Enjoy!

Miss Sixty Cowboy boots I got whilst in Milan.
Alexander McQueen keyring I got from my dad a couple of months ago (aaaah!LOVE.)
H&M wedges I got whilst in Florence
Vivienne Westwood + Melissa shoes as a gift from parents
Prada purse as a gift from my lovely mother
new glasses I got last week :)


Italy, part III

Florence, Italy

Florence was by far my favourite city of the whole trip! I think it's underrated; It's amazing.  I would definitely go again.  The shopping, the architecture, the history and of course: the artwork!  Expect to see a lot of Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana wherever you go!  So before even thinking about going to Italy for shopping, make sure you have lots o fmoney saved up because nothing comes cheap.
Here are some highligths of our 2 day trip to Florence.

H&M top, Topshop skirt, boutique handbag, and pearl earrings.
Wearing a St Martin shirt, with a Topshop skirt, boutique bag and TagHeur watch.


Italy, part II

Milan, Italy

So the next stop was Milan.  I had never been there before so I was very excited to go and see the fashion capital of the world for the first time!  It did not dissapoint.  To be honest, I guess if you're a straight guy, there is not much to see here.  For the others, it's pretty much heaven!  We saw the Duomo (Dome) first and that was mind-blowing... then it was time to hit the shops :)
We were only there for a day so we didn't see everything there was to see (sadly) but I bought a lovely pair of Miss Sixty cowboy boots whilst my mum bought herself a 1a Classe coin purse. I don't have photos of them just now but I'll be taking photos of them soon with my outfits so you'll see them soon enough ;)

Just on top of the dome...

Top is from New Look, shorts and pumps from Topshop, bag from a local boutique.

                                    Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci...and MacDonalds.
                            Believe it or not, an Armani hotel..... a bit extreme but you know, if that's your thing...


Italy, part I

San Maurizio

So I have family in northern Italy whom we needed to pay a visit to.  My Uncle and his fiance recently had a baby (so cute) so we stayed with them for about 10 days and did many things like go to the baptism, eat lots (mmmm que rico!), tan at the lake d'Orta and generally had a great time! So here are a few photos from my time in San Maurizio. Enjoyyy :)

 H&M top. Topshop shorts. Miss Selfridge gladiator sandals.

I'm slouching. Oops.

 Ignore my sister. Big cake. Mmmm.

Ha, I look funny in this one.  But its to show you the bikini. From Primarkkkk :) Shorts from Topshop.
Last but not least, dress from Topshop. Worn with Miss Sixty clogs and Juicy Couture jewellery.


Back...in black

Yeah!! I love puns.  I'm back from the eurotrip. Soaked up some good sun in Italy but the tan is fading quickly!  Okay, so I'll be splitting my posts into different cities/towns etc for the next couple of weeks or so.  There are too many photos so I'll be picking out the best ones of scenery and whatnot.

It was pretty brilliant, however I don't think I would like to do it again! It's unbelievably tiring and my feet were aching pretty much every day.  And if we weren't walking around, we were driving (for at least 5 hours).

Arrived in Holland (but didn't do anything there as we were in a hurry to Italy), Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.  We spent most of our time staying with family in Italy - and it was wondeful!  Stayed in San Maurizio, and visited Milan and Florence! There is too much to see in Italy. Still need to tick off Bologna, Pissa, Rome, Venice, Sicily....aah.

Amsterdam, Holland/Cochem, Germany

yes, i happen to be wearing the same clothes. what can you do?

There's more to come. But can't be bothered at the moment. So ciao for nowwww!