Our last destination was Valencia, but unfortunately we hadn't considered the fact the Grand Prix was taking place that same weekend and the trains were packed! Meaning we had to wait 7 hours in the train station for the next available train... However, Valencia turned out to be lovely! We stayed in an apartment right next to the beach, which was perfect for the night of the annual San Juan festival!  We also got to have a look around inside the street circuit and do other things like visit the aquarium (the largest one in Europe) and of course catch some sun at the beach!

 Above: San Juan 

 Above: Just a few of my many yachts...

 Above: Inside the F1 track
 So much fun!!!
 Above: The view from our apartment



The next stop was Madrid, in which we stayed for 4 nights.  The city was beautiful! The architecture was really authentic and the shopping was great (the summer sales were a bonus)!  I would really love to go back to this city as I feel we didn't see enough of what Madrid really had to offer.  Having said this, what we did see was lovely and we were situated in the centre, so most attractions were within walking distance :)  It was in this very city where we experienced a ridiculous heat of 45 degrees at 7pm!!
Above: Chocolatier San GinesAbove: Joy
Above: Sobrino de Botin (the oldest restaurant in the world)
Above: El Retiro park
Above: Plaza Mayor drinking fresh fruit juice from Market San Miguel
Above: (the view from) Temple of Debod
Above: The Royal Palace



To celebrate the end of school and to kickstart the summer, I went on holiday to Spain with a few of my closest friends.  During the course of 3 weeks, we toured around Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.  We stayed in Barcelona for a week and, in that week, we visited everything from Parc Guell to Razzmatazz to the Sonar Festival - and of course, the beach!  It was an very hectic but enjoyable week, and I can honestly say that Barcelona is a city worth visiting!

 Above: Ghoa Beachclub.
Above: Taller de Tapas
Above: Before Sonar
Above: Before Razzmatazz
Above: Parc Guell
Above: Barcelona beach
Above: Sagrada Familia