Sport Luxe

 I cannot believe I'm wearing shorts with no tights in March.  March!!  I decided to wear something casual and comfortable on this ocassion as I was just lounging around in halls for the day.  I was close to pairing my t-shirt with my pleated leather skirt but I decided aginst it as shorts are easier to wear when you're sitting on the grass.  I think I need to buy more shorts actually... I'm getting very bored of my selection, and I feel all my shorts are very 'beachy'.
This top is just a man's t-shirt, by the way, that I customised myself a while ago, when we had to experiment with different sewing machines in the workshop.  It's really badly done, I know, and ideally I would've actually inserted the leather panels so you couldn't see the seam lines, but I didn't really have time to do that so I just settled.  I was going for the 'sport luxe' look that's been going around for a while, and I think this t-shirt would go pretty well with some thin, cotton joggers & heels if I did ever decide to go for that look.  I hope I don't offend anybody with my appauling sewing skills.  The effect is there though, and I suppose that's the main thing!

T-shirt: Tesco (self-customised)
Shorts & Shoes: Topshop



Micro Trend: Peplum Top
We've had amazing weather this past week where I live!  This is extrememly rare for Scotland.  I wasn't even wearing a jacket!  We must be at 15 degrees at least... haha, that must sound so pathetic to anybody who lives in a hot country.  But in Scotland, if we hit 15, the sunshades come out and the sleeveless tops come on.  Anyway, this is the H&M top I was going on about in my last post.  It's such nice fabric.  I really love H&M.  A lot of their stuff can be basic and cheap but they definitely know how to make up for it.  I always find something insanely nice that looks really well made.  This peplum top is one of those items.  Unfortunely I can't show you guys how nice the fabric is but it feels and looks like Zara's awesome polyamide-blend blazers.  Go have a look in your H&M if you can, they've got some great stuff in at the moment!
I'm away to go out for dinner before going to see the Hunger Games with my flatmates.  Hope you've all had a good day!
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Dune
Sunglasses: Armstongs, Edinburgh
Lipstick: MAC, 'Impassioned'


Some Like It Hot

The Countdown Begins...
So I'm back from my trip home, and I've only got 10 days left of my 1st year at uni!  The year has flown by, but I couldn't be any more ready for summer!  I'll have 5 months to kill before starting uni again in September, but so far in my agenda I'll be going to Italy, Mexico, visiting uni friends around Scotland, Fringe Festival, reading, blogging, and regaining a lovely heavy tan in between.
This is an outfit I wore to uni today.  It's nothing special but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.  I bought this amazing top from H&M the other day and I was going to wear it today but there was no point as I only had one lecture on....  Anyway, that will come in another post.  Hope you guys had a lovely day, and do let me know if you've got plans for summer already!

Top: Saks Fifth Avenue
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Pumps: Jaeger
Watch: Omega
Necklace: Armstrongs, Edinburgh



In continuation of my last post, this is what I wore to see the Christopher Kane talk at ECA.  This top is actually my mum's, but she never wears it anymore so it's almost technically mine now... Also, I'm sure you've seen my blazer before, I wear it quite a lot... I thought it would be a good choice of jacket as it was really quite warm in Gala.  Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the climate Edinburgh :( But I braved it and pulled through the windy weather.  This skirt is new by the way - I bought it in Urban Outfitters in London.  It's real leather and I didn't pay all too much for it so I feel that's always a good thing :) Also, I got a lot of love for my shoes on LookBook!  I just thought I'd say they're not new and I wear them to death! They're only from Topshop and I got them in December, I don't know if they still have them in stock though, but it's worth having a look!  Anyway, I'm home this weekend so I might go a bit quiet! Hope you all have a good weekend :)

Denim Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Blazer: H&M
Leather Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes & Necklace: Topshop


Christopher Kane

This post is short and to-the-point.  I went to see Christopher Kane in conversation with Colin McDowell at Edinburgh College of Art last night.  He spoke about his time in Scotland, his sister Tammy, Donatella Versace, and his career up until now.  It was a really great event.  I met Christopher Kane, and got  a picture with him.  I look like a creep, but that's okay.  Outfit posts still to come.


Debenhams Press Show

Sorry for my absence, I've been meaning to do this post since attending the event (which was about a week and a half ago) but uni has been keeping me busy and the internet in our halls was down for 4 slow and painful days!  So I know I'm a little bit late, but better late then never!
I've put up a few pictures from the night, including a selection of what's available in stores at the moment, and delicious treats we got to eat (nomnomnom).  As far as the clothes go,  I was really impressed, in particular with the designer collaborations, and the quality of their clothes is much better than I was expecting.  I remember when the first H! by Henry Holland came out and I couldn't wait to go and buy something from the collection... and then I saw the quality... and the price.  Taking this into account, and having seen the new collections, I definitely saw an improvement in the quality of the garments, and the prices now definitely seem more reasonable.  The event appeared to be celebrating Debenhams' collaborations, and they had every reason to, because with designers like Jonathan Saunders, Preen, Henry Holland, Roksanda Ilincic & Matthew Wialliamson the UK department store has blossomed into something more current and relevant.  It seems now that Debenhams understand and are thus focusing on what their fashion-conscious teenage/20-something customers want.  I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for the Preen/Edition collection as what I saw was gorgeous!
The show also had displays from their beauty range, including one of my all-time favourite beauty brands, Urban Decay.  I really hope our Debenhams back home starts selling Urban Decay because since the make-up line got taken away from Boots I've not been able to buy my staple eyeliner!
They were also showing their underwear lines, which were in a very cute arrangement, as well as menswear, childrenswear and homewear.  All their homewear was really lovely actually - very "pretty".  I think I might makie a purchase or 2 when I'm shopping for homewear in the summer as I'm moving into a new flat with my friends in September :)
All photography is my own, except for the last photograph, which is courtesy of Robbie Adam, Duke Photography, Debenhams.



My friend, Sarah, and I went on a trip to Glasgow after uni on Wednesday.  After travelling for a good 3 hours, we reached the city and managed to have a brief look around the town centre before attending the Debenhams press show (more details on that in another post).  Sadly we had to go back to uni the morning after in order to attend the afternoon lectures, so we didn't have time to do much else, which was quite sad as I hadn't been to Glasgow in almost a decade!  Having said that, it looks like such a cool place so I'll definitely be returning as I feel I've been missing out on some good shopping and nightlife...

I'm wearing...
Shirt: All Saints
Blazer & Skirt: H&M
Boots: Dune
Scarf & Bag: Vivienne Westwood
Watch: Omega

Sarah's wearing...
Vest & Skirt: H&M
Jacket: Topshop
Necklace: Vintage
Bag: Zara


London Continued...

Marina & the Diamonds
On our last night out in London, we went to see Marina & the Diamonds at the Shepherd's Bush Empire.  My friend, Nadia, was really keen to see a gig whilst we were down in London as she wanted to review it for I Are Yeti (you can read her review here), so we figured Marina would be the best choice as Eugene McGuinness was supporting her that night.  She walked up on stage looking the complete opposite of me: very cute and 50's in her pastel pink prom dress and glamorous platinum locks, fully adorned with a pretty bow.  And there I stood, dressed in full grunge gear, with leather skirt, high-top bun and my new vamp lipstick.  The gig itself was actually quite intimate, particularly when she opened the show with a stripped back version of 'Radioactive', and really did leave me wanting to listen to her new album.
Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures at the gig but I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of what I wore that night.  I don't normally dress like this but I figured Camden wouldn't think less of me if I did... Plus I thought this outfit would go with my new MAC lipstick perfectly.

Top & Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Lipstick: MAC in 'Cyber'