From top: wedges H&M leather boots TOPSHOP flatforms CHEAP MONDAY clutch bag H&M perspex earrings, collar tips and gilet TOPSHOP

 A bit of picture-heavy post this time, but with good reason!  If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me tweet a picture of all my latest wardrobe additions.  I went shopping in Edinburgh just over a week ago and came back with some lovely goodies :) I was so relieved to see that their sales were a lot better than the sales back home.  So much so, I decided if there was ever a better time to do some retail therapy, it was now!
Everything in this post was bought at sale price and student discount (where applicable), so all in all I spent just over £80.  Shopping the way it should be done.



Zoe wears angora jumper by H&M

Just a couple of shots from a photo shoot I did with my flatmate, Zoe.  We were both pretty annoyed when we found that one of the studio lights was broken.  But if that wasn't enough, the photography equipment was missing.  Long story short: we had to make do without flash.
The intention was to make Zoe look like a mixture of Kristen Stewart and Lana Del Ray.  This shoot was just for fun, and considering nothing was going right on this occasion, I was quite pleased with the way these 2 photographs turned out.  I should maybe point out that photography is a hobby for me, so in no way are these pictures technically accurate!  Just a bit of fun.



polo-neck, jeans, trainers, arm cuff all TOPSHOP

Interestingly, I'm going through some strange decade-revival phase which seems to have woken the 90s child within me.  My student wardrobe doesn't consist of much other than my current "essentials", most of which tends to rotate around high-necks, crop tops, and denim.  You may have also noticed that I went for a different image layout for this post.  I don't know if I will keep with this, I suppose it's all trial and error.  I should also apologise for the image quality - not the best because I forgot to get close-ups!
I'm also really into metallics, and anything that's silver.  Minimalistic, clean-cut, linear clothing, too.  I'll be doing a photo shoot based on this styling in a couple of weeks time - think COS meets White...  Anyway, that's for another post.



jacket TEMPERLEY X BARBOUR top H&M jeans WHISTLES hat, necklace and shoes TOPSHOP

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things this week.  Falling back into routine is harder when you've had a month off from Uni...  I got the chance to wear my new Alice Temperley x Barbour jacket (the weather's on my side - yay!) which I bought waaaay back in September but I feel it's more of a Spring jacket so I've not really worn it much.  I also wanted to point out that this quilted t-shirt was £9.99...full price! If you like it, you can get it from the Men's section of H&M, they also have it in khaki green, if you don't like it in grey.



First of all: Happy New Year!
Now, sorry for not posting in 2 months - I think this has been the longest I've gone without blogging?! I could excuse myself, but I'd rather save you the reading. So, I've made my New Year's resolution to blog more - a lot more! I did consider putting up some more uni work on the blog, but I figured maybe that's not what you're interested in (am I wrong?) so I decided to leave it.
Though, this is an exception.
I wanted to share this film with you all because it's the first amateur fashion film I've ever made, and I thought that was a good enough reason to show you it!
Just so it's clear, the brief was to make a promotional fashion film for Topshop's upcoming SS13 collection, inspired by a particular decade. I chose the 1960s, and decided to focus on Op art and the Space Age.
I'm back uni now, but I will make sure to update the blog on a more regular basis from now on. Thanks for sticking by me!