First of all: Happy New Year!
Now, sorry for not posting in 2 months - I think this has been the longest I've gone without blogging?! I could excuse myself, but I'd rather save you the reading. So, I've made my New Year's resolution to blog more - a lot more! I did consider putting up some more uni work on the blog, but I figured maybe that's not what you're interested in (am I wrong?) so I decided to leave it.
Though, this is an exception.
I wanted to share this film with you all because it's the first amateur fashion film I've ever made, and I thought that was a good enough reason to show you it!
Just so it's clear, the brief was to make a promotional fashion film for Topshop's upcoming SS13 collection, inspired by a particular decade. I chose the 1960s, and decided to focus on Op art and the Space Age.
I'm back uni now, but I will make sure to update the blog on a more regular basis from now on. Thanks for sticking by me!

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