LFW: Day 5

You'll be glad to hear that this is the last installment of my LFW street style diary.  Sorry it's dragged on for a bit, but I hope you enjoyed it!  I'm now catching up with uni work so I may not blog for a few days but with good reason.  Also, I don't think I have a picture of what I was wearing on Tuesday but I will wear it again at some point and show you.  Until then...


LFW: Day 4

I hardly have any pictures for day 4 of LFW, sorry!  I was working pretty much all day so I only managed to get a couple of pictures.  No outfit photo either because I was wearing all black, and generally didn't look very interesting.  More tomorrow!


LFW: Day 3

I'm wearing a Topshop dress, H&M jumper and necklace, Primark flatforms and Biba bag.


LFW: Day 2

I'm wearing ASOS shirt, H&M jumper, silver jewellery, Omega watch, McQ shorts & bag and Primark flats.

LFW: Day 1

Okay, so there is no easy way to do this other than break this up into 5 posts.  Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever but I haven't had internet since moving back to uni, and I didn't have access to it when I was in London either!  Trust me, this has pained me.
So these next few posts are going to follow the same structure: what I wore, followed by streetstyle snaps I took at LFW.  I might do a 'London in pictures' style post at the end of this mini series just to round it off.
I just got back from London yesterday, which means I have returned to reality.  With 1000 pictures to view and edit, 4 new uni projects, and life to attend to, I'm beginning to realise I shouldn't be blogging right now...  Anyway, I'm wearing a Carin Webster dress, H&M skirt and earrings, Zara waistcoat, McQ bag, and scaffy Primark shoes (because I was looking after my poor feet).


Debenhams A/W 12 Press Show

So, apologies for being idle these past few days, I have been meaning to post loads of stuff but time is getting the better of me!  I move back to uni tomorrow to start on Monday, and I've been busy with my summer project (which I'm 98% finished - hoorah!) which meant no time to blog.  Oh, and I still need to pack my life in a few boxes and suitcases.

That aside, I did attend the Scottish A/W 12 Debenhams Press Show last week.  It was in Glasgow again, only in a different venue, and I found that beauty was a really big focus this season, which explains the pictures above.  I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the variety of new collections from a range of beauty brands.  I'm a BIG fan of brands like Illamasqua, and Urban Decay, so I was very happy to see their newest collections (Illamasqua especially), but it was Dita Von Teese's collaboration with Art Deco that really caught my eye.  Admittedly, I hadn't heard of Art Deco in the past, but after being introduced to them by a lovely member of PR, I realise now that they are a massive brand across all of Europe (outselling the likes of Chanel, Givenchy and MAC).  So naturally, I've now got my eye on their red lipsticks, as well as their eyelashes from the Dita Von Teese Collection.

To be honest, I wasn't there for that long as I had to catch the bus back to Edinburgh so didn't manage to get a brilliant glimpse of the clothes.  What I did see, though, was nice but, generally speaking, I felt like a lot of the collections were slightly mature and probably aimed at twenty-something's and up.  Having said that, Henry Holland did it again with his latest collection for Debenhams.  His collection certainly filled that gap as I wondered if any of the clothing were aimed at young, fashion-conscious women who like to have fun with clothes.  Instead of my describing every garment, head to Debenhams and check for yourself - you won't be disappointed!