LFW: Day 1

Okay, so there is no easy way to do this other than break this up into 5 posts.  Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever but I haven't had internet since moving back to uni, and I didn't have access to it when I was in London either!  Trust me, this has pained me.
So these next few posts are going to follow the same structure: what I wore, followed by streetstyle snaps I took at LFW.  I might do a 'London in pictures' style post at the end of this mini series just to round it off.
I just got back from London yesterday, which means I have returned to reality.  With 1000 pictures to view and edit, 4 new uni projects, and life to attend to, I'm beginning to realise I shouldn't be blogging right now...  Anyway, I'm wearing a Carin Webster dress, H&M skirt and earrings, Zara waistcoat, McQ bag, and scaffy Primark shoes (because I was looking after my poor feet).

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