Teenage Dream

Neutral Glitter
Can you believe I painted my nails 5 days ago and they still look like this?! I didn't polish my nails with any miracle top coat either.  I think the answer might be down to this OPI nail polish, from the Katy Perry collection, and I'm super impressed!  I was never too keen on using this colour on its own, because of its transparency, and I didn't see much point to it asides the few specks of glitter.

Having given it another go, I now know how to wear this colour to suit me, and I'll definitely be experimenting with it on top of other nail polish.  I used a nude base colour so I could see the effect of the glitter better, but next time I might try something a little different.  The neutral shade is Nails Inc's 'Caramel', but I'm going to assume it was limited edition because it came as a freebie with Diet Coke about a year or 2 ago!  I'm pretty sure 'Basil Street' is the exact same colour though, I'd really recommend having a look.   The OPI nail varnish is from the Katy Perry collection, in 'Teenage Dream'.   



Leather jacket: Ben Sherman
Knitted hoodie: Topshop
Treggings: TK Maxx
Shoes: Topshop

Rainy Day
As ever, the climate in Scotland is gloomy, miserable and wet.  I suppose this is why I haven't been doing many outfit posts lately... that, and not having anyone to take them.  I have been wanting to document some of my 'going out' looks but it's usually too dark to take pictures,  and I dread flash photography.  My average day-to-day outfits, however, look more or less like this (loungy and warm), and I wouldn't want to bore you with similar posts.

I feel like this week has gone by really quickly, and the next couple of weeks are looking busy.  In just over a week I'll be celebrating my sister's 9th birthday, as well as heading back to uni to sit my Textiles theory exam, getting my hair cut (finally!) and packing for Italy.  Let's hope the weather in Italy is better!


Less is More

Yes, silver!  If you've been following me for some time maybe you've come to notice that I never wear silver.  Not because I dislike it, but simply because I think gold suits me better.  Lately, however, I've been admiring really simple, minimal pieces that still have impact.  Maybe it's to do with the style of the jewellery, but I definitely think they look much nicer and create more of a statement in silver.  I had found some great necklaces in H&M and Miss Selfridge, but I thought they were overpriced for what they were.  Then my mum told me she had some old silver jewellery she hadn't worn in years lying around somewhere, and it turned out to be exactly what I've been looking for! Happy me :)


New Things

T-shirts: H&M
Hello! Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, since the semester has finished at uni I've been busy moving out from halls and back to Aberdeen - which has also meant resting, shopping, meeting up with friends and getting back into the routine of things.

Since I've been back I've had time to re-evaluate my wardrobe.  In doing this I've concluded that an eBay account is most definitely a necessity for me right now! There are things in there that I haven't worn for years, or even at all, and they're doing nothing but taking up valuable space in my closet.  I'll let you know when I get round to selling my things on eBay in case any of you would like to have a look.

I've also only recently realised that I don't have many plain t-shirts in my wardrobe.  To solve this, I've bought some nice basic t-shirts from H&M for everyday wear.  Believe it or not, it was hard work finding a plain loose-fitting t-shirt.  So hard that I had to resort to the H&M men's section to find a basic t (the two grey ones are men's). All of the basic women's t-shirts are either sleevesless, long at the back/short at the front, too long, too short, long-sleeved, too tight (too much lycra), square-shaped (which looks horrible on), low-cut, low back.... the list could go on... I just wanted a plain t-shirt in a few different colours!

Apparantely that's too much to ask for nowadays.  I suppose I got there in the end, but I'd like to buy a few more and build up a little collection just so I have basics to lounge in every day.  If you know anywhere that sells good, loose-fitting, basic t-shirts I'll be forever grateful!  Similarly, if you've been having problems finding a specific item of clothing lately do leave a comment and share, I might be able to help!

Hope you're all having a good weekend :)