The inspiration for this shoot stems from my new found love of architecture.  I did this shoot a few weeks ago now, as part of an online zine project I'm doing for uni.  It's a real shame because the weather was not working in our favour that day; all I wanted was a little bit of sun!  But no, it seems snow, hail stones and bleak, cloudy skies were meant to be.
For the purpose of this project, I had to get the shoot done (deadlines an' all!) but I think in the near future I will try and reshoot it.  There is a perfect location here in Edinburgh but, as luck would have it, a rugby match was on that day and the traffic was horrific, which made it impossible to get to it.  I've been working really hard on the zine's website for the past couple of days.  I hope to screenshot it and show you guys as soon as it's done but that might be another week or so yet!



I went over the Debenhams Press Show again in Glasgow last week.  Clothes-wise, there wasn't anything I was personally interested in this time, but it was still great to see how they are interpreting the monochrome trend into their Spring/Summer collections.  Oh, and I would look at their H! by Henry Holland collection and the Red Herring dresses, they've got some really nice prints this season.  It's definitely worth  a browse!
Sarah and I also got our nails done by the lovely ladies at NailGirls London.  In case you're wondering, the colour I got is called Taupe, and Sarah got Blue #2.  They have some fantastic colours, I would highly recommend having a look through their collections.  They're not cheap, but they're value for money in my opinion.  I've been getting compliments about my nails all week and I don't have one chip yet - I'm pretty impressed!


Black on Black

gilet ZARA leather jacket BEN SHERMAN top TOPSHOP skirt H&M bag VIVIENNE WESTWOOD
necklace MMMxH&M