Paramore & Biffy Clyro

I know that I haven't done a post since Halloween; but school has just been hectic these past few weeks! And even though my blog survives on a mere 15 followers, I still feel the need to apologise...
ANYWAY, so I went to see Paramore Saturday 20th November. One word: Amazing! Hayley Williams is just as much a babe in real life as she is on tv. Oh yeah, and the band played well. Nah, seriously though, it was really good and I would definitely go see them again! They had firework-like things shooting up, confetti flying around, the crowd was jumping, & Hayley chose one lucky motherf*cker to join her on stage during their encore. Brilliant.

Biffy Clyro
These badboys did not let down! I really liked them before, and I LOVE them now!  They really know how to put on a show and move the crowd. Biffy Clyro also had countless gimmicks, probably more so than Paramore... but the show was great; and for the quality of the show, the tickets were not badly priced! The mosh pit was just a bit overhwelming, but I think I felt more chlostrophobic during Paramore still... All in all, they were fantastic and if they ever perform at a place near you, I would need not hesitate about purchasing some tickets. Oh yeah, & The Futureheads supported, which was a definite bonus.