Pleather Skirt

I had a go at self-timing for the first time since I bought this camera.  It's harder than it looks.  Actually, I had to end up asking my gran to take my photo (above) so I'll have to apologise for the terrible photography in this post!  I wish I had a personal photographer by my side at all times, just like all those other fashion bloggers convienently have.  Unbelievably (or not) it took my gran 15 minutes to take my photo, even after my tutorial.



It's been 2 weeks since I uploaded my last post (sorry!) but as you know, I was busy with revision and moving out etc.  I'm now in Italy visiting family so it's been hard finding time to go on the internet, let alone blog! Having said that, I'm going to try my best to upload picture posts of OOTD's amongst other things.  It's been kind of foggy since we got here, but today has been pretty warm and sunny so hopefully the weather will continue to get hotter.
I would leave you with a picture, but I really have nothing to show you atm :( I will be doing a 'haul' post when I go back home as I did quite a lot of shopping in April, but that won't be until the beginning of June!  I'll keep you all updated during the coming weeks though, speak to you all soon!