Dogs 'n' Horses

My last post until I come back from Europe.  Excited for heat, shopping, beach, italian ice cream :) and those much anticipated results.  Here are photos from an outing I went on last week with the boyf. Over and out!

How cute is Hermes?!

Top, Shorts:  Topshop
Sandals:  Miss Selfridge


No T for me :(

So Summer is officially here!  The sun hasn't been all that great this past week but what can you do...   I'm all a bit jealous of the people at T in the Park right now!

Went to Edinburgh last weekend to buy my mum's dress for her Grad. Ball and have a look around the sales.  Didn't find much in Harvey's, has to be said... disappointed.  However, I did buy 2 Fred Perry tops in Livingston. Oh, and fairly splurdged out on some much-needed MAC makeup :)  Other than that, Edinburgh wasn't too exciting.

Have been buying lots in our sales though, can't really be bothered to take photos of them so you'll have to wait and see throughout the coming weeks. :)

Anyway, enjoy! x

Shirt: Fred Perry
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo