Teenage Dream

Neutral Glitter
Can you believe I painted my nails 5 days ago and they still look like this?! I didn't polish my nails with any miracle top coat either.  I think the answer might be down to this OPI nail polish, from the Katy Perry collection, and I'm super impressed!  I was never too keen on using this colour on its own, because of its transparency, and I didn't see much point to it asides the few specks of glitter.

Having given it another go, I now know how to wear this colour to suit me, and I'll definitely be experimenting with it on top of other nail polish.  I used a nude base colour so I could see the effect of the glitter better, but next time I might try something a little different.  The neutral shade is Nails Inc's 'Caramel', but I'm going to assume it was limited edition because it came as a freebie with Diet Coke about a year or 2 ago!  I'm pretty sure 'Basil Street' is the exact same colour though, I'd really recommend having a look.   The OPI nail varnish is from the Katy Perry collection, in 'Teenage Dream'.   


  1. I think the polish looks gorgeous over a nude base, it's actually quite a subtle but very pretty xoxo

  2. I love this combo! Perfect :) x

  3. love this subtle and pretty color. :)

  4. those nails are soo cool! love glitter :P


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