polo-neck, jeans, trainers, arm cuff all TOPSHOP

Interestingly, I'm going through some strange decade-revival phase which seems to have woken the 90s child within me.  My student wardrobe doesn't consist of much other than my current "essentials", most of which tends to rotate around high-necks, crop tops, and denim.  You may have also noticed that I went for a different image layout for this post.  I don't know if I will keep with this, I suppose it's all trial and error.  I should also apologise for the image quality - not the best because I forgot to get close-ups!
I'm also really into metallics, and anything that's silver.  Minimalistic, clean-cut, linear clothing, too.  I'll be doing a photo shoot based on this styling in a couple of weeks time - think COS meets White...  Anyway, that's for another post.

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