Lately I've been very busy with a variety of different things... (as usual - me and my crazy lifestyle)! As you all may know, it is exam time, and the deadline for University applications was mid January so I've been focusing on that for the main part.  I recently got an acknowledgment for a University here in Scotland, along with an invitation to send my portfolio - with only 2 weeks notice (eeeek)!  The deadline for that was a couple of weeks ago so I managed to hand it in on time, and am now eagerly awaiting a response...
I applied for a Fashion course at this Uni, and as part of my portfolio I was asked to submit some commercial photography. Now, let me tell you, the only times I've attempted "commericial photography" it has been with a friend, and for fun purposes  only, therefore none of the photos I had looked anywhere near professional. So, I decided to conduct an ammature shoot with a friend of mine who kindly volunteered to be my model. Personally, I'm pleased with the outcome, and hopefully the University will consider my efforts...!
Anyway, here are the selected and edited photos below. Hope you like!

"Colour Pop"
"60's Class"

Photography, Make-up, Hair, Styling, Edition: Tatiana Aldana
Model: Annie Devlin

Tell me what you think!


  1. Those are some great shots! I really love the first, reminds me of the Marc Jacobs camoaign with Daisy Lowe done a while ago.

    Good luck with your Uni applications, I'm sure they'll love you!

  2. aw thanks a lot :) xx

  3. good luck with uni x



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