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I had heard so many great things about O.P.I's latest wonder, Shatter, on various vlogs and blogs these past few weeks.  So many, in fact, that I was actually willing to pay the full £10.50 that it retails at.  If you haven't already realised, I don't usually like spending more than about £5 on nail varnish because I have so many colours that I only get to use a colour about 10 times before they go gloopy with age.  I'm normally a fan of Barry M nail varnish because they come in practically every shade of the colour spectrum and beyond... but as I approached the nailcare section at John Lewis, I knew I wanted O.P.I's Shatter.
And wasn't I dissapointed.  No, it wasn't rubbish; it was sold out.  So I have yet to try it.... There I was, in the middle of John Lewis: my face drooping, my feet dragging, and a raincloud directly above my being, spitting imaginary water on my soul.
Luckily, Wonder Woman came to the rescue and told me Barry M does an similar replica of Shatter, called Nail Effects.  She should get a promotion for outstanding customer service - just sayin'.  And it got better, as I was ready to leave for Superdrug, I found (and bought) the Katy Perry x O.P.I  nail varnish!  YAY!  It comes with 4 different mini nail colours, all named after songs from her album, Teenage Dreams.
SO, below are photos of my nails (and the nail varnish) after painting them with O.P.I's The One That Got Away and Barry M's Nail Effects.  I would recommend both!

The Katy Perry x O.P.I collection is only £12 for a pack of 4 mini nail lacquers, so great value for money I think!  This is the first colour I've tried from the pack and already it's my favourite; the colour is an intense electric pink with a beautiful sparkly undertone.

Barry M's Nail Effects is £3.50 I think... or £3.99.  Either way, it's very cheap, and even though it's not as good as O.P.I's Shatter, you still get a good effect.  Watch though, it dries in the blink of an eye so don't layer it or it won't shatter; you just need about 3 brush strokes per nail.  And remember to add a top coat, otherwise the black will look grey (and really dull) on your nails.

P.S In case you're wondering, I did buy all of the above with my own money.  I haven't been sponsored or anything.  Obviously.  I'm not exactly a Blogging phenom.  Wouldn't be the greatest marketing move...


  1. Your nails look soooo goooodddd! I want to try it myself now

  2. wow those nails look amazing! I would love to have a go at doing leopard print nails for myself but i know it would go horrible wrong.

  3. I love the leopard nail polish. Especially the color. Really nice!!

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