Viva La Vida Loca

Staff Night Out
Picture this: drinks at the Malmaison; a meal at the Simpson's hotel; and a night out in the town afterwards.  Sound good? You're not wrong.
I had been struggling to put together an outfit for the ocassion as it was first staff night out with my current workplace, and I wasn't quite sure what expect.  However, dress code was stated as "smart" and I had gathered that both Malmaison and Simpson's were known for being posh, and so I mixed and matched several times until, voila, an outfit was born!
The meal was fantastic, and of really high quality, but sadly I didn't dare take photos amongst everyone there!  In case you were wondering, I had a fruit cocktail with kiwi coulis as my starter, and chicken stuffed with Autrian smoked cheese alongside a potato and bacon rosti for my main. YUM.

An 18th
Last weekend I attended my friend's 18th at the Palm Court Hotel.  Now, normally, 18th's aren't all they're cracked up to be - but I actually had a really great night this time!  I wore my Topshop dress and paired it with some black tights and my new Topshop heels.  Of course, after having danced for so long, those heels turned into pumps by the end of the night! Hello blisters.

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