New Year, New Shoes...

Boots: Dune (sale)

New Booties
I'd like to introduce you to the latest additions to my wardrobe: my chunky-heeled boots, and studded flat pumps! So happy with my latest footwear purchases!  I had been looking for a pair of black leather, ankle-length, 3"ish, thick-heeled, slightly-platformed boots for quite a while (no suprises there) before I came across the perfect pair in Dune.  It's not often you'll see me wonder into Dune (I'm usually found in Kurt Geiger) but fortunately for me, Dune had a massive sale on before Christmas, and these boots were pretty much staring at me from the shop's shelf, so I couldn't not go in.  After having studied them for 5 minutes, and having tried them on for further 10 minutes, I walked out of the shop.  Why I did that I'll never know.  They ticked all the boxes.  They were perfect.  But I was trying to be nice to my bank I guess, and left them... for two days.  I don't know about you guys, but I know I have to buy something when I can't get it off my mind, and these boots were all I could think about during that 48 hour gap!  I'm pathetic, I know.
The next pair of shoes don't quite have such a dramatic story behind them.  I simply picked them up, liked LOVED them, tried them on, and bought them.  The rest is history.  I bought them full price though, and I don't do that often withs shoes unless I really like them or sense they won't be in a sale anytime soon.  They were £28 (less actually, because I got Student Discount on them) from Topshop.  They're still there, so if you like them, you can buy them too :)
I'm still on the hunt for some Kurt Geiger flat boots for the Winter... I know we're half way through it, but I have a voucher... and I need them anyway, because my other pair are slowly wearing away...  Maybe next month, when I won't feel so guilty.

Pumps: Topshop


  1. Wow, love them both!!

    XOXF - www.myfashion-expression.blogspot.com

  2. I craaave for those beyond awesome studded flats from Topshop! They're sold out in Warsaw though, boo.
    You have a really nice blog here! xx


  3. I was sorta hoping those topshops shoes would have gone down in sale because I absolutely LOVE them but they sadly didn't/ Love your boots from dune, perfect heel height! X

  4. @agata Thanks! Try online, they're worth it!

    @Lola Yeah, me too, but I kind of got the feeling they wouldn't because they're current season. I also liked them too much to wait! :P

  5. Thank you for your sweet message at IFB! Great pumps!

    xx Marije


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