Fashion Weekend
My flatmates and I figured that the best to celebrate our mid-term achievements was to spend a long weekend in a city (because our univeristy is in the middle of nowhere).  And what better place to go than London?
Our weekend consisted of dancing, eating, drinking and lots and lots of spending...!  Although we were staying in Camden we primarily went to London in order to attend London Fashion Weekend, and by jove the street style in London was mind-blowing.  We went to the evening event on the Saturday and viewed various pieces from different collections, ranging from Holly Fulton to Jasper Conran.  As none of us had been to London during the fashion season we were all pretty content with the show and the experience in general.  I took a few photos during the fashion show so you guys could see bits from it. Having said that, it was a good event, but I'd only recommend it if you were a newbie to the fashion scene.  Hope you like the photos!


  1. the last outfit looks very nice

  2. i love fucsia! nice post! i am following you :) hope you can do it too! kisses.



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