Feeling Like Dorothy...

Bargain Buy
Perhaps I left Katy Perry's concert feeling inspired by all those crystals... But look at my new shoes!!  I'm absolutely in love with them.  Do you want to know the best part?  I bought them for £12 in Primark!  Go grab yourself a pair quick before they sell out because I reckon they've been pretty popular.  These are in silver, but they also sell them in black if silver is too flashy for you.  For me the sparlkier, the better... but I might buy the black ones too anyway...
They look really pointy in the pictures, but they've actually got a really nice rounded tip :)  I love how sparkles are in right now (thank you Miu Miu!) & these are a great alternative buy if you want to be on trend but perhaps don't want to spend that much on sparkly shoes that may go out of fashion quite quickly.  I just had to show you them and give you a heads up if you were looking for a sparkly pair!


  1. £12 is such a bargain! Love that you were inspired by Katy too, gotta love the glitter :) xoxo

  2. these are mad looking shoes! I could never pull these off love the glitter though! nice find :)


  3. glitter shoes...uh-mazing! love them and what a deal! =)

  4. Hi Tatiana, I love your blog, it is soo cool. Just like you. Please keep up the good work and blog more cause I like reading it. Also, please post the video where you interview the model with my shirt, because my shirt is awesome. (: xxx


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