Holiday Shopping!

I must admit I've been a bit naughty these past couple of months, but the sales have just been too good to me! I haven't even plucked up the courage to view my bank balance since I came back from France (reason for my absence btw) because I fear the low figures!  Having said that, I don't regret anything I've bought in the past few months because to be fair, they are all either things I've wanted for a long time, or practical, or just great value for money! So here is what I brought back from France:
Bags: Lancel
Shoes: Timberland
Nail Stickers: Sephora
Eyelashes & Fix+: MAC

I actually got Makeup Forever's HD Foundation in Spain, but I thought I'd just throw it in there because I didn't think it deserved a picture of it's own. Just to let you know, all the make-up was bought at full price :( !
Alongside this, I also bought a cardigan from Pinko whilst I was in Paris. The camera doesn't do it much justice but the fabric is sort of lyrca-ish mixed with jersey and cotton, and it has some slight detailing on the sleeves and on the back:

This bag is from H&M and I bought it whilst I was in Madrid. It wasn't in the sale but it was still pretty daymn cheap :)

This Ben Sherman leather jacket was very well priced! I've always wanted a good leather jacket as they are timeless and a definite must-have in your wardrobe.

I didn't actually like this Ben Sherman coat at first, but once I tried it on I completely changed my mind! It fits well and the leather detailing is a nice touch :) perfect for a night out when you don't want anything too heavy or too light.

Finally, this Barbour jacket was bought before I even went to Spain but I know I will get a lot of use out of it, specially with Scotland's weather! It's fully water-proof and has great padded lining. You can also cinch it at the waist to give you more of a figure, and the hood is detachable too.

I'll be uploading more pictures soon, so stay tuned :)


  1. I love that fringed bag! Have been looking for one just like it for months - love the other bits too! It's great after a shopping spree when you find some gorgeous bits, you definitely feel a sense of acheivement haha.


  2. That luggage is awesome!


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