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Advanced Higher Art & Design
So I finished school a couple of weeks ago now and I'm just in the middle of sitting my exams before jetting off to Espana in June! :) It's been a hard year but everything came together in the end and I think the most stressful course I took this year turned out to be Advance Higher Art & Design!  Well, it wasn't so much that it was hard (although I absolutely HATE making my designs with the limited resources I have), it was just a sh*t load of work to do and I got tied up  in all my other courses that by the end of the year I had to rush everything for art.  Having said that, I think I'm quite pleased with how my folio turned out... I just hope the SQA agree!


  1. So sad to hear you didn't like it as much you hoped. But your portfolio looks fabulous to me. Good luck!


  2. Hi dear! Super cute post!
    Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3


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