Heriot Watt
I got an offer!  After weeks of losing my confidence and doubting myself, I received an email yesterday confirming that I was offered a place to study at Heriot Watt University!  If any of you are wondering, I applied to study Fashion Communication there.  I honestly didn't think I could do it, considering they offer only 30 places for the course.  I would have to move away from home and everything which is a scary prospect but if it's the best course for me then these are the sacrifices one has to make!
Anyway, I did promise that I would post my folio after I received my reply, so here it is:


PS this is only my online portfolio, I will post the extra portfolio later on in the week.
PPS the pictures above are in no particular order.


  1. Cool portfolio and your very lucky you got in! congrats!!


  2. Hi Tatiana ! I'm currently applying for this course and I'm struggling to prepare my portfolio. Can you give some advice ?

    Cheers from Italy, Giorgia (:

  3. Hiya, I have applied for this for 2014! Your portfolio looks really good, I hope mine turns out similarly !:)
    Ruth x


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