[Above] Photography Lee Broomfield
Styling Nura Khan
Stylist's Assistants Sophie Bertenshaw, Tatiana Cockburn-Aldana

 [Above] Photography Mikolai Berg
Styling Olly Paton
Stylist's Assistants Sophie Bertenshaw, Tatiana Cockburn-Aldana

[Above] Photography Robert Wyatt
Styling Olly Paton
Stylist's Assistant Tatiana Cockburn-Aldana



Working alongside Rebecca at USED allowed me to dip my toes into various aspects of the magazine.  I was given the opportunity to view the LCM showrooms with the aim of researching new designers for magazine content.  I was also given the task of contacting PR agencies (something which I ended up doing on a daily basis at STYLE); and also personally delivering copies of the magazine to clients.  I have to say, every task I carried out at USED was enjoyable, but nothing compares to a by-line, right?

Which leads me to explain the pictures above; Rebecca let me write a couple of short articles on some  new, and established, designers for online content.  And, indeed, one of my articles was published on the magazine's website!  It's essentially a profile on the designer-duo behind up-and-coming womenswear brand, MIUNIKU.  If you would like to read it you can view it by clicking the following link:



Hello strangers!

It's been a while, I know, but since leaving uni I wanted to give blogging a bit of a break in order to concentrate on my summer!  I thought I would start blogging again now that I have some time and things are getting exciting again.

To quickly round-up, I have been interning down here in London for a couple of months now, starting off at USED magazine (assisting Fashion Editor & freelance stylist, Rebecca Sammon) and more recently working as a Fashion Intern for The Sunday Times Style.  Tomorrow I start my last summer internship over at ASOS magazine.  I'm thinking of doing a series of posts on my experience as an intern, with tips/advice on making the most out of your time at work and in London so let me know if you would like to see that!

I will post credits as they are published over the next month or so but for now I thought I would post these pictures of my first credit in Style.  This was actually my first time on a professional photo shoot, assisting the lovely (not to mention ridiculously talented) Nura Khan, Style's Fashion & Beauty Editor.  I was definitely nervous knowing this cover shoot was with the gorgeous Daisy Lowe, and photographer Lee Broomfield, but this was only the start of my incredible experience at ST Style and I can't wait to share with you all the shoots I was involved with!



The inspiration for this shoot stems from my new found love of architecture.  I did this shoot a few weeks ago now, as part of an online zine project I'm doing for uni.  It's a real shame because the weather was not working in our favour that day; all I wanted was a little bit of sun!  But no, it seems snow, hail stones and bleak, cloudy skies were meant to be.
For the purpose of this project, I had to get the shoot done (deadlines an' all!) but I think in the near future I will try and reshoot it.  There is a perfect location here in Edinburgh but, as luck would have it, a rugby match was on that day and the traffic was horrific, which made it impossible to get to it.  I've been working really hard on the zine's website for the past couple of days.  I hope to screenshot it and show you guys as soon as it's done but that might be another week or so yet!